Tuesday, February 17, 2015

About making bad decisions

I noticed that the link to Sydney Finkelstein video was broken in an old post of mine ("Why Smart Executives Fail"). Therefore, I went looking for a new link on youtube and found something similar, but recorded three years later. So as I have been working all day, all weekend and all evening theses days, I thought I would take some time off to watch the video, in order to know if it would do the job to fix my broken link.

This more recent video is excellent. Here is the link:

It is the same theme, with a few years of extra-wisdom and extra-learning.

Mentioned are four red flags in decision-making:
  • Are your personal experiences misleading you?
  • Is your personal self-interest clouding your thinking?
  • Have you made a dangerous pre-judgment that you are locked into?
  • Are inappropriate attachments pushing you in the wrong direction?
These are very good!

The tricky part is that to really understand them, you need need to have traveled the multiple sides of the human psyche, which many managers have not.

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