Monday, July 25, 2011

Haskell and my summer work

My posting is at an all time low, I am taking a time out this summer. Nevertheless, I have been doing a few things:
  • I am slowly making progress on a posting presenting monads and zipper building on concepts from continued fractions.
  • I am teaching stream oriented programming for C++ developers as part of my architect job. I'll tell you about that because I realized how few people really understand how to do that.
  • My big job on the way and back to work has been to rewrite F# code in Haskell.
About Haskell: it is so easy to use type classes in Haskell that I am coming to think that it was good to go deep first in F# which does not have them. My reasoning is the following: I can see both sides of the solution. Without type classes you need to "feel", in your mind, the type invariants that you create with your recursions. With type classes, you specify the invariants and then you program against them. Clearly the second method is more efficient, but it does not make you smarter!

Anyways, the low posting rate will continue this summer. It is better to enjoy time with your family than to post blogs. Happy summer times!