Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Scala experience report: part 3

Continuing on my DPLL rewrite I introduced an extra level of mapping, moving from a plain Set to a Map[Boolean,Set[...]]. This rewrite is interesting because it introduces similar patterns as array oriented languages (i.e. APL). As I continue to use only mutable structures, I would like to have a "Map.map(key, data => data):Map" function in order to be able to update the two level storage in one functional statement. But this functionality is unavailable on the maps and forced to used a get and set like pattern. Generally there is a strong "mutable" feeling to the Map and Set methods. Another element that bugged me was no union of maps, or double map iterator. Thus there is this feeling that Scala provides a "higher level of abstraction" with constructions like the for comprehension but does no "pull it through" in being able to offer a smooth experience.

I am sure more needs to be said, but that is what learning is about.

(On a side note, I am into playing with WPF programming with F# these days. I'll keep you updated on that too).

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