Saturday, March 05, 2011

Scala experience report: part 2

Picking up on my DPLL refactoring work I found myself trying to find the first "Some" mapping of elements of a set. Now I can do that with the "find" method, giving it my mapping function followed by a "isDefined" and to then reapply the mapping on result of the find, the question is then how how not to repeat the mapping function. There is no "findSome" method on sets.

After 2h of searching and learning on the web, I conclude that I want something like:

var found=false
for(if !found; x<-mySet.view) y = myMapping(x); y match{ case Some(_) => found=true; yield y ...}

This is where my "I want to know what is happening" sense is in misery. How do I know that this will really be implemented well? With Scala's high level types comes a need for some fancy compiler work. Many times I have been burnt by compilers not being good enough.

This evening's conclusion is that Scala pushes you to high level concepts which may lead you to poor performance. But I do not know if this is true.

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