Friday, September 01, 2006

Books at my bedside

Everybody likes to relax with before going to bed. These are the books I have at my bedside:

The randomized algorithm is an all time favorite and so is the approximation algorithms. I was not surprised to to see that amazone offers them together.

The combinatorial search book is one of those books that I take out from time to time because it just feels like to right knowledge to keep fresh in ones mind. I will admit I have never used anything that I learned from it.

The software estimation book is good but is really not my type of bedside book because it is to close to work. I have had it there for many months now but have not touched it, it does not allow me to relax.

The implementation of the term rewriting is good fun although it is a bit formal and does not offer the same bang for the same amount of time put in to the two first ones!

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